Messiah announces COVID-19 testing for employees and on-campus graduate students

Today Messiah University announced required COVID-19 testing criteria and protocols for employees and students who work or take classes onsite at either its Grantham/main campus or Winding Hill locations.

Last week, Messiah conducted required testing for all of its undergraduate residential and commuter students, with the objectives to: protect the health of the campus and surrounding community; to keep campus open by proactively avoiding a potential outbreak; and to inform ongoing decisions related to interactions in campus residences and other academic and co-curricular activities. These objectives are likewise supported by strategic testing of employees and graduate students who need to be onsite at Winding Hill or Messiah’s Grantham campus location. Accordingly, the University has established and announced testing protocols for these groups, which were announced via mass email today. Testing will take place during the next two weeks and results will be reported on Messiah’s COVID-19 dashboard. Employees and residential graduate students should check their campus email for additional details.