Messiah announces new safety guidelines for on-campus employees 04.16.20

Today Messiah’s Crisis Management Team and the Office of Human Resources and Compliance announced that –due to the recent “Order of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Directing Public Health Safety Measures for Businesses Permitted to Maintain In-Person Operations ,” the guidelines below shall be followed immediately for any employee working on campus.   Many of these have been in place as recommendations, but now are requirements.

Expectations for employees that periodically come to campus to complete previously identified critical work:

  1. All employees must be prepared to show their ID card to the Department of Safety Officer.
  2. All employees must wear a mask when arriving to campus and while on campus.
  3. All employees must call dispatch at 717-691-6005 to report arrival to campus and location. When employee is ready to leave, they must notify dispatch of their departure.
  4. No employee that has a potential exposure is permitted to campus until the recommended CDC time has passed.
  5. Any vendor that comes to campus must also wear a mask.

For employees that are assigned to work on campus on a daily basis, the following are updated work expectations:

  1. In addition to the pre-existing cleaning protocols established and implemented by the Campus Events personnel prior to the end of their shift, and prior to the start of their shift, employees shall:
    1. Clean and disinfect high-touch areas routinely in accordance with guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in spaces that are accessible to customers, other colleagues, or individuals. This includes the inside of vehicles, common work areas, wiping down computers, any equipment used/touched, all counter areas, break areas, etc. that are routinely used and shared.
  2. Stagger work start and stop times to prevent gatherings of large groups entering or leaving the office/work areas at the same time.
  3. Breaks shall be taken at intervals of those working and shall not be taken with others working unless the 6’ social distancing requirement is maintained; individuals shall not sit across from each other and there should be no more than 3 individuals taking break in the same location at one time.
  4. All meetings and/or trainings (if any occur) shall be conducted virtually.
  5. Employees should regularly wash their hands with soap and water, once an hour and during every break; in between breaks regular use of the sanitizer and wipes should be done.
  6. Effective immediately, masks are required to be worn when working your shift. Mask can be the homemade types and do not need to be the professional level.  The only time you can be without it is when you are on a break and/or eating.
  7. All keys, cards, pens, etc. shall be wiped down prior to handing them out to anyone.
  8. While working all conversations with individuals shall be done while maintaining the 6’ social distance requirement.
  9. The college will continue to prohibit non-essential visitors from entering the campus. All employees and students are required to show their Messiah ID and wear a mask to enter. Vendors must wear a mask.
  10. If you begin to feel ill while working, you are required to contact your supervisor and they must let the division director/VP know. The Director will ask you a series of questions and determine if a call is needed to be made to the Engle Health Center for further follow-up prior to you going home.

If you are sick and cannot come in to work, you are to report off as usual.  All department directors should contact the employee calling off to determine if the employee’s symptoms include fever, coughing or difficulty breathing. If so, the director should contact the Engle Center at 717-691-6035 so that they may follow up as appropriately.

The above guidelines will be followed immediately. Additional information or guidelines may be forthcoming, particularly regarding required recording of temperatures.  Please direct immediate questions to your department director or VP/senior administrator.