Information about accessing Messiah College 03.27.20

To All Community Members:

Messiah College, like all other individuals, businesses and organizations in our community, has been working to respond to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In compliance with Pennsylvania’s statewide public health directive, the College has had to close its facilities, as well as its outdoor space, to the public. Regrettably, efforts to communicate this via signage posted at campus entrances has not been effective to date. As a result, all campus entrances will now be staffed by security personnel moving forward.

For employees: All employees that are scheduled to work on campus, or those who are authorized to come onto campus for an emergency reason, will be required to show their Messiah ID prior to being permitted onto campus. No other employees should be on campus property at this time.

For students: Any student who lives or works on campus will be required to show their Messiah ID prior to being permitted back onto campus. No other students, other than those scheduled and approved to remove their belongings, should be on campus property at this time.

For non-employees/students: Any individual who is not a Messiah employee or student authorized to be on campus will not be permitted onto campus property until further notice. This includes those walking dogs, seeking access to the creek, fitness trail, etc.

Note: Any contractors authorized to check construction sites or needing emergency access to campus must have a visitor pass.

Messiah is committed to being a good neighbor and we seek to provide as much community access to our private property as we can. However, during this time of public health crisis, some of our students remain on campus and it is critical that we follow local and state guidelines to focus on their safety, and the personnel who are caring for them, to keep them safe from exposure.

For this purpose, we ask that if you are approached by Safety personnel and they ask you to leave campus property, please do so immediately. Those who do not comply with these restrictions could be subject to action from local law enforcement. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping our campus and the surrounding community stay healthy as we work through this crisis together.