New resources added for parents and students 03.23.20

Note: Messiah College does not have any reported or confirmed cases of the COVID-2019 Novel Coronavirus as of the time and date of this posting.

The following information was added to the emergency response page today. We will continue to update as additional decisions are finalized.

Resources for parents to support undergraduate students studying remotely from home

These current times are difficult and have caused much disruption, anxiety, fear, and adjustment in the lives of our college students. Messiah College’s first day of online undergraduate courses for the remainder of the spring term begins on Wednesday, March 25. What some students had envisioned for their spring semester will not come to pass, and they must now adapt to a different way of living and learning over the next weeks. Messiah’s Division of Student Success and Engagement has prepared the attached document which highlights the ways that parents and guardians can come alongside their students and partner with them during this time of change.

Read “Partnering with your Student for Online Success”

Student employment during the adjusted spring semester

We understand that student employment is important to both the students who regularly work and the employees who supervise the work. We have set up the following parameters for student employment during this unusual time in which our campus is decidedly more remote.

Working on campus after March 25

Students who petition to remain on campus during the College’s completely on-line period (beginning March 25)  may be able to continue their current student employment depending on the circumstances.

  1. Because of the College’s reduction in in-person activities, there may no longer work specific to a student employee’s original position. In this case, the College may be able to offer alternate student employment, where possible.
  2. If the College is required to cease all work wherein remaining students must shelter in place or the College is required to close fully and evacuate remaining students, student employment may only continue where working remotely is a reasonable option.

Working remotely after March 25

There are circumstances in which it is feasible and even desirable for students who can do elements of their student employment remotely to continue working during the College’s fully on-line period. Students may be allowed to telecommute if the work can be done remotely to an acceptable, effective, and secure standard and at least one of the following two criteria are met:

  1. The student needs to work in order to continue his/her education and manage bills.
  2. The remote work is essential to delivering services during this unusual time.

Working remotely requires a specific plan for supervision of work, submission of work and regular communication.

Students: If you would like to continue your student employment position beyond spring break and according to the above parameters, please reach out to your supervisor to indicate your interest and discuss your options.

Supervisors: In order to move forward with a student employee post-spring break, you must have approval by your dean or vice president. It is important to note that this is for students who already have been working as student employees.

  • Once approved, notify the Student Employment Office that you have a student worker arrangement by emailing with the student’s name, position, and supervisor.
  • The process for submitting timesheets remains the same (electronic submission).
  • Questions may be directed to Belinda Conrad or Don Lerew at