Post-Sandy FAQs

When will the power be restored on campus?
The College is in ongoing conversation with PP&L, but they have been unable to give us an estimate of when power will be restored. We will keep students and employees informed as we learn more.

How long will campus be closed?
The decision to re-open campus and resume classes and campus activities hinges on the restoration of power to the affected academic buildings. PP&L has not been able to give us an estimate of when power will be restored, so we do not know at this time when it will be safe to re-open campus.

What caused the power outage and do we expect further power loss?
Overnight a tree fell across Mill Road and knocked down power lines affecting many of the academic buildings on campus. Given the forecasts for more rain, wind and winter weather today, it is difficult to speculate whether additional power outages will affect our campus.

Did the campus sustain any damage from Hurricane Sandy?
Thankfully Messiah did not sustain any major damage; however, the campus has experienced some minor leaks in residence halls and academic and administrative buildings, which are already being repaired. The Yellow Breeches Creek has swelled over its banks but is not disrupting campus roadways. Facilities and safety personnel continue to monitor all campus buildings on an ongoing basis.

Is there enough food to keep Lottie open?
Lottie Nelson Dining Hall remains supplied and prepared to feed students three meals a day on a limited menu basis. Dining Services is currently utilizing a refrigerated truck and is being supplied by its vendors. Dining Services is able to use Larsen Student Union to prepare hot meals on an ongoing basis.

Will students have to make up the missed classes due to this storm?
The Provost’s Office is currently in planning regarding scheduling any necessary make-up classes due to further prolonged class cancellations and will communicate their decisions as they develop.

Are students able to leave campus and go home?
Messiah is currently prepared to care for students while they remain on campus. Students are not prohibited from leaving campus if they and their family feel it’s in their best interest. If a student does opt to leave, he/she should inform a roommate or RA of his/her plans. However, once classes are back in session, students are expected to return campus.

Will the campus continue to have Wi-Fi?
We are currently able to power the College’s wireless system on a generator. As long as we have fuel for the generator—and we anticipate that we will barring any unforeseen circumstances—the wireless should remain available for students.

Who is caring for students during this campus closure?
Members of the College’s dining services, safety, facilities management, and residence life staff—all of whom are trained to assist in an emergency—have been on campus 24/7 to ensure that the needs of students are being cared for during and in the aftermath of this storm. Today, Tuesday, October 30, residence life and Student Activity Board are coordinating a variety of activities to help students pass the time.

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