Proactive planning for potential power outage

The National Weather Service continues to predict the most severe impact of Hurricane Sandy in our local area as lasting this afternoon through tomorrow morning. The most immediate risks for campus remain potential flooding, storm debris and loss of power.

If the campus, or part of the campus, were to lose power, the College’s protocol is to immediately contact PP&L and to contact the campus community via the text alert system with relevant instructions. [In the event of a power loss, text communication remains the most reliable. To sign up, go to] The College’s Crisis Management Team will convene to assess the specific situation and then communicate more detailed instructions to the campus community.

Due to the anticipated volume of power outages, PP&L would likely not be able to provide the College with an assessment/timeframe for repairs for at least several hours. In the interim, below are some helpful things for all students to be aware of to help ensure a safe campus environment:

  • Safety and Residence Life personnel will immediately secure each of the residence halls and apartment buildings.
  • If the power were to go out, it is important to remain calm and await further instructions from the College and your RA or RD.
  • As an important reminder—no candles or open flames are permitted in campus buildings.
  • During a power loss, the manner or method in which Dining Services feeds students may need to be adjusted, but students would receive detailed instructions from their residence staff and/or college communication.

College officials continue to monitor the storm in conjunction with federal, state and local authorities and will provide ongoing instructions—including a decision about tomorrow’s (Tuesday, Oct. 30) classes and college operations—by 9 p.m. this evening.

2 thoughts on “Proactive planning for potential power outage

  1. I am a concerned parent of a Messiah student – I tried to sign up for emergency text alerts but it appears you have to do this through MCSquare – which parents do not have. Thanks for all your support.

  2. Mr. Keller, the text alert system is for students and employees only. The best way to stay informed of our plans and responses is to monitor this blog and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Take care!

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